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  • “I love being able to see how things work. Many times friends and family will show me how to do new tricks on the computer and I quickly forget how to do them later on. With Dan's site I can easily come back anytime I want and re-learn what I wanted to do.”


    Oregon, USA

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About MyOnlineTechGuy

Hello! My name is Dan Shaw, and I started MyOnlineTechGuy in 2012 to help those who are intimidated with technology. After having worked with individuals and companies for over 10 years, I wanted to harness the power of the internet to provide personal education and support.

If you have watched any of the videos on the site, that voice you hear is mine. I hope you like it! Each week I plan, outline, and develop videos that I think matter to you most. My hope is that each video series that comes out will peak your interest enough to want to watch. While many viewers come with a predetermined topic in mind, a majority come with a goal to just learn.

It's an exiting time these days. Technology seems to be moving at the speed of light. Just when you think that you have understood your smart phone, tablet, or computer - out comes another version or update to confuse you. And finding some help can also be just as confusing.

While MyOnlineTechGuy is mainly about learning how to use your technology through video, there is also the One-On-One feature that provides you with a personal technology session with me. After making an appointment online, I work with you personally on your problem or project. Using secure software I can view your screen, just as you see it. Imagine having problems with your computer or needing some help with a project you're working on. While many of my videos provide a step by step solution, sometimes having that personal touch is just what you need.

MyOnlineTechGuy has been around long enough to know what works. I know that the internet is full of amazing information, but all of that information can sometimes be lost in a maze of useless blogs, videos, forums, and slideshows. Right now, video is one of the best ways to learn because it gives you the ability to look over my shoulder as I do the things you want to learn about.

I hope that you really do enjoy your time here. You have my word that I will keep providing you with great content, direction, and help so that you can take control of your technology. Happy learning!

--Dan Shaw

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